1. Students should attend the classes regularly. In the case of leave, a student must inform the teacher concerned or the authorities. No extra classes will be provided otherwise. In the case of excessive absence of more than five classes, the students shall be liable for dismissal.

2. Students should appear and attend all examinations conducted by the teachers. In the case of any indiscipline during the examination, the student shall be liable for disciplinary action.

3. Students can sit for more than one model exam with other batches if they want. But once the scheduled tests are over, no plea for further examinations will be entertained without prior information to the teachers and concerned authority.

(N.B. Special considerations might be made for students who failed to attend any test on medical grounds. The decision of the authority would be final).

4. Special doubt clearing sessions will be provided for every batch. Dates will be decided during classroom time. All students are expected to attend their respective sessions to discuss their study related problems.

5. Students should pay fees and other dues (if any) within the 15th of every month. Otherwise, a late fee of Rs. Ten/- per day up to the payment date will be charged. Defaulters would be liable for dismissal.

6. In the case of any change in mobile number, students must inform the Management of Achievers' Circle for their convenience, so that they can be notified of any change in class schedules.

7. Students can switch between parallel batches if they wish to. A “No Due” slip needs to be collected from the concerned authority to join a new batch.         

8. Students should not cause any loss to any assets in the premises of Achievers' Circle / Other persons. Students should maintain dignity & discipline.

9. Achievers’ Circle reserves the right to admission to students.

Rules related to examinations:-

Listen & follow all instructions!

Leave all unauthorized aids in your bag/at home!

A cell phone is an unauthorized aid!

Keep your ideas & thoughts to yourself!

“Stop writing” means stop writing!


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Popular Courses

Classroom Coaching / Test Series for:

  • B.A. / B.Sc./ B.Com (Pass/ Hons.)
  • XI-XII (Any Board) Group/ Home tuition by School/College/ Professional Teachers. 
  • Concept and Examination Oriented Education with complete classroom support for Science Group (XI, XII) (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Biology) (W.B.C.H.S.E, C.B.S.E, I.C.S.E,).
  • Experienced And Committed Faculty.
  • Comprehensive Study Material.
    • Theory & Concept Lectures.
  • Problem set after completion of each topic.
    • Regular chapter-wise Learning Assessment Tests.
    • Personalized Attention.
  • Convenient And NonTaxing Study Schedule.
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Competitive Exams

(a) Online

For Online exam you need to register online. After that once your registration is confirmed then you need to login at pre determined time for examination.

for further details, please click here!

(b) Offline

  • IIT-JAM, IISc., TIFR, JNU, BHU, ISM, Delhi University etc.
  • (NET, SET, GATE.)
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Extensive Pool of Talented Faculties
Vital Role of Strong Management Team
Achievers Circle has a strong and supporting management staff at all the centres that gives back-end support to students and work hard in guiding them & making their learning easy and provides them with the information about their curriculum and academics.
ACADEMIC TEAM: Design the core curriculum, Prospectus & Program & clear their visions about their academic session. Also provide them with other academic related information, and guide them for - their future selection of courses& colleges & help them throughout the year in their preparations.
SMD: All the study material, problem sheets & solutions provided to students in hard copy is developed by the tremendous hard work of SMD department.
FRONT & BACK OFFICE: Our Counsellors provide counselling to the students about their curriculum, academic sessions, clear their visions about their future aims and guide them for their future selection of courses & colleges. Our Tele-calling department provides them information about the upcoming event, test or any other information related to the institute or curriculum to the students.
ADMIN & HELPING STAFF: Our Admin department with the help of our helping staff provides systematic and convenient services to the students by working at the back-end like arranging classes, test administration, updating the notice board, preparing and displaying class timetable for the students and various other things according to the schedules.
BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: Our marketing team works at a vast level SMD to promote our brand name & make students aware about the upcoming courses and various new innovative techniques that we introduce, which benefits students & make their learning easy. 
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