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Welcome to Achievers

ACHIEVERS CIRCLE welcomes you to our ever growing family.

Thank you for taking an interest in us and through the following paragraphs, I present you the detailed and necessary information regarding ACHIEVERS CIRCLE.

  • Corporate Establishment as a Private Limited Company

The lamp of Achievers Circle as an institution serving students has been alight since 1999. Back then, it started off operations with only one faculty, i.e., Dr. Sujoy Roy Chowdhury (SRC) and three students in its first batch at Jadavpur, Kolkata.
It continued its journey and year by year many excellent teachers started joining us. In quick time, we became the No. 1 in our field of higher education. Today we have a student strength of nearly 3000 (bigger than most big school/colleges in Kolkata and similar Institutes).
We thought of making this a private limited company in 2013, and thereby it took a new name and in 2014 we established:-
Achievers Circle Private Limited (ACPL) under the Companies Act, 1956 (No.1 of 1956), Government of WB, India & Corporate Identity No. is U80901WB2014PTC201663.

  • Achievements so far

We are very proud of our achievements in the 15 years since the foundation of these classes.
We are an institute who has every year produced excellent results. For many consecutive years in a row, we have produced

  1. University Toppers (1st class First, Gold medalist from different West Bengal Universities)
  2. Entrance Exam Toppers (IIT-JAM, IISER, ISM DHANBAD, HYDERABAD  UNIVERSITY, INDIAN ASSOCIATION FOR THE CULTIVATION OF SCIENCE and many other top Indian Universities) have always been from our side many times.
  3. International Achievements: Many of our students are now established as a Research Associate/University Faculty/Industrial sectors in the UK, GERMANY, JAPAN, and the USA mainly.  
  • Our work principle

We in ACHIEVERS CIRCLE want to produce some excellent Educationalist, Scientists, and Technologists of the highest caliber who would engage in research, design and development for a better India.

Our Mission is not to become a No.1 Coaching Institute in India but to help India in getting the No. 1 position in many fields with our small contributions. In LIFE, we have seen that sometimes these modest, but significant contributions make all the differences. We want to provide those little contributions to help build a better India.

Our Mission is also to support the Financial Weak Sector of our Country and try and provide them quality education with scholarships to help them complete their studies.

 We are proud to say that we have achieved a small part of our vision and have to continue to work at our best to become a leading institution.  

  • Faculties and Programmes

We have very vibrant teachers capable of delivering high-quality education and research.  Over the past five years, we have been putting in place systems to attract the best faculty and alongside upgrade the infrastructure needed for teaching.  We have been providing the ambiance for our teachers and students to live up to their highest potential.

In ACPL, we believe : “I never teach my pupils, I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.” 
In the Words of― Albert Einstein

That is ACHIEVERS CIRCLE for you – an Academy with a Difference!

I firmly believe that with the active cooperation of the entire ACPL family – the students, faculties, workers and alumni and with the support of the Government, the Institute will attain greater heights of glory.

Mission and Vision

Our Mission:

  • To be the Pioneer in providing professional guidance to all who dream to be an Achiever in life.
  • Providing education to the financially weak sector of our society for free or as they can arrange, thereby extend our small contribution in building a better India.

Our Vision:

Learning promotes natural talent. We want to ensure that each student is equipped to excel in the university, as well as in the Competitive Examinations for higher studies, and furthermore, be all set to face the challenges of the profession they dream of accomplishing.

We seek to give our students not only the theoretical knowledge but also the capability to apply that knowledge for problem-solving in examinations, as well as in the real world.

Our methodology improves and sharpens the analytical skills & parallel thinking processes of the students, making them capable of resolving complex & tricky problems efficiently. We develop and share the right strategies from time to time to optimize students' output.

Why Achievers


A student may well wonder, why choose Achievers’ Circle over so many other Institutions offering similar courses? Here are the features that set us apart:

The Winning Methodology

● Experienced Faculties:  Unlike the faculty of other coaching centres, the professors of ACPL work full time for the institute. This creates an environment of responsible education delivery. Specific topics are taught by experts in the field, holding doctorate degrees from Calcutta and other Universities.

Our reputed teachers, who have several years of teaching experience, teach the subject matter of all the Bachelor Degree Course - B.Sc./B.Com,/B.Tech with utmost care. Moreover, reputed professionals teach Pass Course papers under Calcutta University, Barasat University, Burdwan University and others. Most of the tutors are UGC-CSIR NET qualified and either Doctorate or are undergoing research work to earn their Ph.D. degree.

We also have academic associations with reputed teachers who are not formally part of our institute and students wishing to seek guidance from them are assisted in coordinating with them because we give most importance to the result of the students. Thus, a student can choose a faculty according to his/her needs and Achievers’ Circle will help them to choose the best faculty in the field even if the teacher concerned is officially not a part of Achievers' Circle.

Rich Study Material: The study material provided by Achievers’ Circle is complete in all respect with detailed theory, illustrated examples, practice questions and solved problems for each topic. The emphasis is on providing concise and comprehensive study material so that even an average student can grasp the subject's fundamentals thoroughly.

Innovative curriculum

We develop a strong foundation for students in the following areas:

Theory & concepts constitute the knowledge backbone of the subjects examined in the competitive exams. The lectures delivered by our unmatched faculty members are designed to strengthen this backbone. Our faculty takes great effort in teaching the rigorous curriculum in such a way that the curriculum becomes both easy to understand and master. Great stress is laid on teaching and understanding the definitions, derivations, and concepts in depth.

Problem-solving skills  require an in-depth understanding of theory and concepts. Better the understanding of theory and concepts, the better is problem-solving acumen. Thus, unlike majority of teachers who stress on problem-solving at the start, our teachers believe in laying a strong foundation of theory, at the start, and then moving on to problem solving and thereby we develop the ability among students to understand the underlying assumptions of the problem, recognize the problem pattern, correlate the data, and raise the solution.

Self-awareness of one's aspirations, passion, interest, strengths, and weaknesses, coupled with an understanding of one's study style and how best to use them leads to the development of career vision for the students.

Proven Track Record: Achievers’ Circle has consistently produced excellent results year after year. Its track record, right from the time of its inception, has several students scoring 100 out of 100 marks in individual papers each year.

Ambience and Infrastructure: In order to instil in students the desire to work hard and the drive to succeed, ACPL provides the best ambience and modern infrastructure. Each centre is adorned with aesthetically designed, air conditioned and sound proof class rooms that foster learning.

A Network of Success: Many of the past students have made themselves available to help current students build connections and gain career guidance. Career counselling sessions are held after completion of syllabus.

Locations: The innovative thinking begins with the location of Achievers’ Circle centres. Each of our centres is within walking distance from the nearest suburban railway station or metro railway station. Cumulatively, this saves a lot of study time for the students.

Board of Administrators

Governing Authority

  1. Dr. Sujoy Roy Chowdhury (SRC): President, Founder, and CEO
  2. Prof Anindya Das:​ Vice President (Academic) and Controller of Examination
  3. Debdut Gangopadhyay: Vice President (Administration)
  4. Dr. Sayan Roy Chowdhury: Vice President (Academic) and Dean of Science

Advisory Board Members

  1. Rickdev Sen: Institute of Wageningen University and Research Centre  Past: Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.
  2. Shaunak Mukherjee: Rice University, California, U.S.A; Past: University of Delhi, Delhi and St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata.
  3. Sougata Dey: Institute of Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, WWU, Muenster; Germany; Past: Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.
  4. Abhishek Dewanji: Institute of Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, WWU, Muenster; Germany; Past: Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.
  5. Somdeb Jana: Ph.D. Research Scholar at Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science; Studied at IIT Delhi; Past: New Alipore College and Khodambari Union High School.
  6. Subhajit Ghosh: Scientific Officer C at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai; Past: Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science and Tata Institute of  Fundamental Research Studied Master’s Degree at Rajabazar Science College; Past: Presidency College, Kolkata and Rajabazar Science College, Kolkata.

Execution Management team

  1. Mr. Anandarup Das, Branch Manager (College Street Branch).
  2. Mr. Indranil Dalui (Academic Associate)
  3. Ms. Oindrila Banik (Accounts Auditor)
  4. Mr. Amir Hossain Molla, (Supervisor)
  5. Mr. Rashbehari Choudhury, ( Administrative Associate )
  6. Simantini Debnath, ( Academic and Administrative In-charge, CEO's office )
Our Collaborations
  1. Achievers Circle Private Limited has been established under the Companies Act, 1956 (No.1 of 1956), Government of WB, India & Corporate Identity No. is U80901WB2014PTC201663.
  2. Organizational membership of Quality Council of India, New Delhi, India.
  3. ISO 9001:2015 Certified  Institute.


  • Best Amenities:

    Comfortable Air-Conditioned classrooms; Purified drinking water; Clean & Hygienic Toilets. 

  • Practical Classes:

    Practical classes are conducted by our experienced faculty at our own laboratory at 90/6A M.G.Road, Kolkata 700007 (opposite Techno World book shop, same floor)

  • Entrance Exam Helpline:

    Timely notifications for Entrance Exams for admission to higher studies, Help provided with form-fill up and admission procedures.

  • Centers at convenient locations:

    Regular classes in various centers, The student has the opportunity to choose a center near their home or college.

  • Extra Classes:

    provided in case of classes missed due to unforeseen circumstances to ensure timely completion of syllabus.

  • Personal Attention:

    Teachers available at certain hours over phone to help students in their self-study.

  • The Best Faculty in the field:

    Qualified and experienced teachers from reputed institutes.

  • Special guidance for higher studies:

    Entrance Exam Series for the preparation of entrance tests for M.Sc. Entrance exams like JAM etc., as well as for Engineering and Medical entrance tests.

  • Special Doubt-Clearing Sessions before major examinations:

    1:1 interaction provided to students when required.

  • Assessment Tests:

    Model Examinations are conducted periodically to stay up-to-date with the syllabus. 

  • Exhaustive study materials:

    Solved university questions and other model question answers provided throughout the duration of the session.

  • What Sets Us Apart...

    There are thousands of key points behind the success trail of our Institute.


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  • Important Information for Practical Classes (For All 1st, 2nd & 3rd year Students)
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  • Excellent Results in University of Hyderabad – Entrance (Chemistry) Session: 2015 -18
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  • Online Registration Process
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Popular Courses

Classroom Coaching / Test Series for:

  • B.A. / B.Sc./ B.Com (Pass/ Hons.)
  • XI-XII (Any Board) Group/ Home tuition by School/College/ Professional Teachers. 
  • Concept and Examination Oriented Education with complete classroom support for Science Group (XI, XII) (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Biology) (W.B.C.H.S.E, C.B.S.E, I.C.S.E,).
  • Experienced And Committed Faculty.
  • Comprehensive Study Material.
    • Theory & Concept Lectures.
  • Problem set after completion of each topic.
    • Regular chapter-wise Learning Assessment Tests.
    • Personalized Attention.
  • Convenient And NonTaxing Study Schedule.
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Competitive Exams

(a) Online

For Online exam you need to register online. After that once your registration is confirmed then you need to login at pre determined time for examination.

for further details, please click here!

(b) Offline

  • IIT-JAM, IISc., TIFR, JNU, BHU, ISM, Delhi University etc.
  • (NET, SET, GATE.)
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We have planned your succes journey...When are you planning to begin??

Extensive Pool of Talented Faculties
Vital Role of Strong Management Team
Achievers Circle has a strong and supporting management staff at all the centres that gives back-end support to students and work hard in guiding them & making their learning easy and provides them with the information about their curriculum and academics.
ACADEMIC TEAM: Design the core curriculum, Prospectus & Program & clear their visions about their academic session. Also provide them with other academic related information, and guide them for - their future selection of courses& colleges & help them throughout the year in their preparations.
SMD: All the study material, problem sheets & solutions provided to students in hard copy is developed by the tremendous hard work of SMD department.
FRONT & BACK OFFICE: Our Counsellors provide counselling to the students about their curriculum, academic sessions, clear their visions about their future aims and guide them for their future selection of courses & colleges. Our Tele-calling department provides them information about the upcoming event, test or any other information related to the institute or curriculum to the students.
ADMIN & HELPING STAFF: Our Admin department with the help of our helping staff provides systematic and convenient services to the students by working at the back-end like arranging classes, test administration, updating the notice board, preparing and displaying class timetable for the students and various other things according to the schedules.
BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: Our marketing team works at a vast level SMD to promote our brand name & make students aware about the upcoming courses and various new innovative techniques that we introduce, which benefits students & make their learning easy. 
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